Community Servant,

and Mother



With a daughter who has worked for two years in the Delaware public school system and as an educator myself, our state's education system is of particular importance to me. I am committed to creating a school environment that allows everyone - administration, teachers, and students - to focus on the educational opportunities at hand...

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For decades Delaware has been seen as the number one most business friendly state in the nation.  However, recent legislative and court decisions have caused Delaware to lose that standing, and with it, hundreds of jobs for Delawareans. Not only did these businesses provide needed jobs, but they also...

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Strengthening the family will strengthen our state as a whole. I want families to flourish and children to have every possible opportunity to excel. Parents have a right and responsibility to determine what is best for their children...

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Access to quality healthcare is a major issue facing Delawareans. As more responsibility for the under-insured falls to the state, we need to work together to avoid socializing medical care while still providing excellent care for the uninsured...

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