On Agriculture

Delaware has a unique geographical area for a multitude of agriculture opportunities. Delaware agriculture brings a very significant amount of gross income to the state and provides jobs to thousands of employees. There are approximately 2,500 farm operations in Delaware with 500,000 acres that provides $1,274,014,000 of products sold.

New Agri-Business

We have a growing winery industry in Delaware due to the fact our soils and climate is very similar to the wine producing areas of Europe. Our custom wineries, breweries, and distilleries are in their infancy. This industry needs fewer hindrances as in allowing wineries to export their products outside of Delaware boundaries.

Industrial hemp production (not Marijuana) is on the cusp of the next “back to the future” agriculture industry. Delaware has the soils and climate to meet the needs of this unique plant that can provide fiber for the textile industry, seeds for food, and oil extracts for healthy diet supplements.

Right to Farm

I support the “Right to Farm” as provided by Section 1, Title 3. I also believe a change should be discussed concerning protection providing the proof of operation existence for one (1) year. This proof of existence should be removed from the code. Protection should be there the day operation is implemented. Legislators and government administrations should not use the American farmers as political pawns.

Agricultural Lands Preservation Fund

I also support the program of transferring the development rights as provided by the Agricultural Lands Preservation Foundation. This is a winning program for the growing agriculture industry in Delaware. Agriculture is a clean industry benefiting all Delawareans.