On the Economy

For decades Delaware has been seen as the number one most business friendly state in the nation. However, recent legislative and court decisions have caused Delaware to lose that standing, and with it, hundreds of jobs for Delawareans (1). Not only did these businesses provide needed jobs, but they also helped share the tax burden on the state, increasing our overall state revenue. Decreasing the regulations related to starting and maintaining a business will help make Delaware more attractive again to businesses. I also want to work with the unions to ensure that regulation reform is favorable to the workers of Delaware.

Government over-spending directly affects the taxpayer, so Delaware residents deserve better budget management. As a former small business owner, I have experience in managing a budget and making payroll. A balanced budget for Delaware is possible while lessening the tax burden on Delaware residents. Proposed increases in taxes will damage our economy and make Delaware less attractive to new and expanding businesses. I am a strong proponent for fiscally responsible tax reform that puts Delaware residents and our economy first.