On Schools and Education

With a daughter who has worked for two years in the Delaware public school system and as an educator myself, our state’s education system is of particular importance to me. I am committed to creating a school environment that allows everyone – administration, teachers, and students – to focus on the educational opportunities at hand, both academically and vocationally. This includes ensuring the physical safety of everyone involved, along with providing teachers the flexibility to tailor resources and methods to fit the needs of their students while maintaining accountability. Our teachers are competent, creative educators and should be allowed the freedom to instruct as they see fit while still striving to meet a high, common standard.

Additionally, we need to improve accessibility to higher education. While the DelTech SEED program is a wonderful resource for those pursuing a college degree, for Delaware to continue to grow and succeed, we need to also support the desire of young adults to enter the trades. Optimally the SEED program should be modified to support skilled trade programs designed to prepare Delawareans to succeed in these well-paying fields. My goal is to help secure the funds to do so.